Six Sigma Green Belt: 

Thời gian: 10 ngày

Mục tiêu khóa học:

Trở thành một người có đẳng cấp Six Sigma Green Belt

Thực hiện hay tham gia vào các dự án Six Sigma để cải tiến năng suất tổng thể và mang lại lợi ích thiết thực cho Công ty

Áp dụng các công cụ Six Sigma vào dự án cụ thể sử dụng phần mềm thống kê

Thành phần tham gia:

Người được lựa chọn vào dự án cải tiến, người được chỉ định trở thành Green Belts.

Và có thể được lựa chọn để trở thành Black Belts.

Các chủ đề bao gồm:

Phase Course No                   Session Name                       Detail contents   Tool
Define 1 How to think about 6 sigma    -Concept of 6 sigma    Minitab
              -Why 6 sigma = 3.4 ppm   PC
              -Organization & role of 6 sigma  Projector
              -Classification of DFSS/DMAIC/TSS  
  2 How to think about 6 sigma    -COPQ concept     Minitab
    (continue)       -How to calculate COPQ    PC
              -Example about COPQ   Projector
              -Exercise about COPQ     
              -Question & answer    
  3 Define phase introduction    -Define phase requirement   Minitab
    (continue)       -Identify potential projects   PC
              -Evaluate potential projects   Projector
              -Example & Exercise about project  
  4 Define phase introduction    -Select  a project     Minitab
    (continue)       -Prepare amission statement PC
              -Select a team      Projector
              -Exercise about project sellection  
              -Example of previous GB     
Measure 5 Measure phase introduction    -Base line performance    Minitab
              -Map the process (PFD)   PC
              -Example about PFD / NVA / VA Projector
              -KPIV / KPOV concept    
  6 Measure phase introduction    -Graph and chart introduction : Minitab
    (continue)        * Pareto chart     PC
               * Line graph / Bar graph / Pie chart … Projector
              -Install minitab software    
              -How to make graph/chart by Minitab  
  7 Measure phase introduction    -Transactional process example Minitab
    (continue)       -Serverity / detection / Occurrence  PC
               level ranking      Projector
              -How to gcreate FDM     
              -How to score customer needs   
  8 Measure phase introduction          -Process flow diagram    Minitab
    (continue)       -How to draw PFD ,Example PC
              -Brainstorming tools   Projector
              -Cause-Effect diagram     
              -How to draw CE diagram by Minitab  
              -Example & exercise of CE diagram  
  9 Measure phase introduction    -QFD matrices     Minitab
    (continue)       -Customer needs matrix   PC
              -Needs analysis matrix   Projector
              -Product design matrix    
              -Process control matrix     
              -FMECA analysis       
              -Exercise for QFD , FMECA    
              -Question and answer    
  10 Measure phase introduction    -How to select list of theory KPIV Minitab
    (continue)       -MSA introduction     PC
              -Gage R&R analysis (Attribute data) Projector
              -Gage RR exercise by excell file  
              -MSA analysis (variable data)  
              -MSA exercise by using Minitab   
  11 Measure phase introduction    -Data collection plan    Minitab
    (continue)       -Process capability analysis for PC
               variable data     Projector
              -How to calculate sigma level from   
               process capability by using Minitab  
              -Exercise about data collection plan  
               and process capability analysis   
  12 Six Sigma park introduction    -How to use/register six sigma park Minitab
              -View other GB projects   PC
              -Introduce 6 sigma report template  Projector
Analyze  13 Analysis introduction      -Key tenet of 6 sigma    Minitab
              -How do inputs impact to outputs PC
              -Tools for initial analysis   Projector
              -Normal standard distribution   
              -Exercise using Minitab    
  14 Analysis introduction      -Introduction about Multivari analysis Minitab
    (continue)       -Multivari analysis by Minitab   PC
              -Exercise about multivari analysis Projector
              -How to make conclusion of multivari  
  15 Analysis introduction      -Correlation and regression    Minitab
    (continue)       -Correlation analysis  by Minitab PC
              -Exercise correlation & regression Projector
              -How to conclude correlation and   
  16 Analysis introduction      -Confident intervals (CI)   Minitab
    (continue)       -How to think about confident intervals PC
              -Calculation CI by using Minitab Projector
              -Example & exercise about CI  
              -Question and answer    
  17 Analysis introduction      -Hypothesis testing introduction  Minitab
    (continue)       -Alpha & Beta risk defined   PC
              -Steps in hypothesis testing    Projector
              -Ho & Ha establishment     
              -Exercise about hypothesis testing  
  18 Analysis introduction      -Sample size selection    Minitab
    (continue)       -Exercise using Minitab   PC
              -Hypothesis testing , Attributa data : Projector
               * 1-proportion test      
               * 2-proportion test      
              -Exercise about 1,2 proportion test  
  19 Analysis introduction      -Hypothesis testing , Attributa data : Minitab
    (continue)        * Contingency table    PC
              -Chi-square distribution   Projector
              -Chi-square test method    
              -Chi-square critical calculation  
              -Exercise about contingency by using  
  20 Analysis introduction      -Hypothesis testing , Variable data : Minitab
    (continue)        *1-sample T test     PC
               *2-sample T test      Projector
               *Paired T test       
              -Example & exercise by using Minitab  
              -Question & answer    
  21 Analysis introduction      -Hypothesis testing , Variable data : Minitab
    (continue)        * ANOVA analysis     PC
              -How to make conclusion of ANOVA  Projector
              -Example & exercise by using Minitab  
              -Question & answer    
  22 Analysis introduction          -Analyze phase conclusion    Minitab
    (continue)       -Vital Few X’s sellection   PC
              -Example of Vital Few X’s   Projector
              -Case study by previous GB projects   
Improve 23 Improve phase introduction    -Non-DOE & DOE factor verifying Minitab
              -Method for Non-DOE factors PC
              -Non-DOE factor examples    Projector
              -DOE introduction       
  24 Improve phase introduction    -Randomized block design   Minitab
    (continue)       -Full factorial experiments   PC
              -2k Factorial experiments   Projector
              -Exercise to design factorials design  
               * Manual       
               * Minitab using       
  25 Improve phase introduction    -DOE factors improvement step Minitab
    (continue)       -Practice DOE by Minitab using  PC
              -Exercise DOE improvement : Projector
               * 2 factors      
               * 3 factos       
              -Optimize design sellection     
  26 Improve phase introduction    -Summary of Vital few X’s   Minitab
    (continue)       -Implementation of improvement PC
              -How to verify improvement effective- Projector
               ness after implementation     
              -Case study through previous projects  
Control 27 Control phase introduction    -Criteria to evaluate improvements Minitab
              -Why & How contol projects  PC
              -Control plan establishment    Projector
              -Exercise of control plan     
              -Case study through previous projects  
  28 Control phase introduction    -Control method / tools    Minitab
    (continue)        *Self-control / 5S     PC
               *Feedback loop     Projector
               *Process control system    
               *Mistake proofing       
              -Study example of control tools   
  29 Control phase introduction    -Control chart (SPC   Minitab
    (continue)        *P chart       PC
               *N chart / NP chart   Projector
               *Xbar chart / Xbar-R chart     
               *C chart / U chart      
              -Example by using Minitab    
  30 Control phase introduction    -FMECA update     Minitab
    (continue)       -Improvement monitoring   PC
              -Lession learn from Control activities Projector
              -Final report making     
              -Case study & practice  to present  
               Project Final report    

Software: Người tham dự phải có máy tính cá nhân với ổ CD-ROM để cài đặt MINITAB, VISIO, MS-PROJECT, trong trường hợp khác chúng tôi sẽ sắp xếp máy tính.